Sunday, October 27, 2013

Texas Black Panther Photo Appears to be a Hoax

Well, I can't say I'm surprised...

The photo posted to Facebook last night of a large black cat is real enough but it was not taken anywhere close to Kosse, TX. Hit this link and it will take you to a story on black leopards in Africa which includes this same photo.


Does this dampen my enthusiasm about the possibility of large black North American cats being real? Momentarily maybe but I'll get over it. One hoaxed photo doesn't mean they don't exist. All I have to do is look at the sighting reports that continue to pour in to my site. These folks are seeing something and I just don't believe they are all mistaken or liars.



  1. There is definitely a large black cat in the rural Paradise, TX area. Before we knew it was large and black, many people lost sheep and goats to it. My sister has lost many sheep in the past several months. Yesterday, she was talking to a friend who lives just south of her, and he drove up on it. He did get a picture. It is a large black cat. I am posting this so people watch their livestock, pets, and children.

  2. I know several individuals who have claimed sightings of these big cats in the Kosse area over the years, including a family member that stated she saw one feeding on a lamb carcass. A close friend of mine used to monitor the lakes at Texas Silica and stated he would routinely see these animals when he would spotlight the lakes at night. I have been told they were the result of an individual who had some of these cats raised in captivity and were simply released upon his passing, although I could not validate this. I have however, heard a blood-curdling scream late one evening in the wilderness a few miles from this area and could not attribute it to anything other than some sort of large cat. I have little doubt these animals exist in the area.