Monday, April 18, 2011

Bipedal Chimp Photo

Here is a photo of a chimp strolling about in a bipedal fashion.

The photo was originally published on Jane Goodall's Facebook page.

Notice just how massive the shoulders, arms, and chest are on this animal. This chimp is likely about five feet tall in this upright position. Can you imagine seeing something like this, only two feet taller and proportionately more massive, strolling across a remote forest road, pipeline cut right-of-way, or even into your camp?

The photo captures an undeniably alien scene. Apes are just not supposed to walk this way. I think it strikes a primal chord in us. I believe this is the reason many refuse to even consider the possibility the sasquatch is a living species. It is just too creepy for many to handle.

Just my two cents...

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