Sunday, January 24, 2010

National Geographic Special on Bigfoot Airs Tonight

I just wanted to post a reminder that the National Geographic Channel is airing a new program on Bigfoot tonight at 7:00pm. The program features Dr. Jeff Meldrum and wildlife biologist John Mionczynski among others.

I am very curious as to the tone of the show. National Geographic has taken a tongue in cheek attitude toward the subject in the past.

I would invite your comments after watching the show. I will be curious to see if readers of this blog come away with the same impressions I do.


  1. Watched bits and pieces of it during the football game. What I saw looked very good and seemed to be presented objectively.

    Patterson filmed a non-human primate.

  2. I agree. The program was very well done. Surprisingly well done, as a matter of fact.

    I agree totally with you...Patterson did indeed film a non-human primate.

    Thanks for the comment.