Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To Work

I hope that everyone had a restful and peaceful holiday. I pretty much stepped away from everything and just recharged. I kept my eye on things and have several topics I would like to address but nothing too earth shattering seemed to take place during my short hiatus.

I have been biding my time a bit and waiting for deer season to close. I want to get a few game cameras out into some areas of interest in East Texas. I am not a fan of being accidentally shot by some hunter so I have waited. Also, with increased human activity in some of these areas there is a greater chance of having one of the cameras vandalized or stolen. The season ended in most regions of the state yesterday so the plan is to get out to the areas I'm interested in shortly. I am going to specifically dedicate one camera to the pursuit of a big cat photo. I would love to show cougars are indeed making a comeback and, of course, getting a black panther photo would be the ultimate reward.

While hunting season puts a bit of a crimp in my camera trapping it does tend to bring more sighting reports into the TBRC. This is always interesting and I hope this trend continues this year.

Also, I have been sitting on a photo for a long time that I have almost worked my nerve up enough to share on this site. Don't get too excited. It is a classic blob squatch in most ways. It is far from definitive and whatever the photo shows is partially obscured by a tree. Unlike most such shots, however, it is in focus. What you can see is pretty clear. I am going to attempt to enlarge the photo a bit in order to get more clarity before I post it. Like I said, don't get too excited. It is not the shot we've all been waiting for. It is what it is but I figure there are people that might like to see it...and, yes, I took the photo myself.

Here's to hoping that 2011 yields some interesting photos and evidence supporting the existence of some of the mystery animals of Texas.


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