Thursday, March 24, 2011

North Carolina "Bigfoot" Video

I wasn't going to even bother posting on this subject but have had several emails asking about or mentioning it so I thought I would quickly post my thoughts.

A gentleman named Thomas Byers has come forward with a very low quality video of what he is insisting is a sasquatch crossing the road in front of his truck somewhere in Rutherford County, North Carolina.

Simply put, the whole thing is an obvious hoax. If Mr. Byers isn't trying to pull one over on all of us then someone successfully hoaxed him. There are many things I could critique about the video but I really don't want to waste my time. It is so obviously fake that I can't believe anyone would put any stock in it.

If you want to view it yourself you can see it over at the Cryptomundo site. I can't bring myself to put even a screen shot of it up here on my site.

Onward to more worthwhile things...

1 comment:

  1. THANK YOU!!! IF it's a "sasquatch", it's so OBVIOUSLY a suit... if even that! The video is so blurry that you can't even be sure it's not just a guy in wide legged pants. And why did he have his camera on to just drive down the road? Normally road crossing sightings happen much too fast to even react to. And this thing crosses the road in what... an amazing six million strides? People usually talk about bigfoot crossing entire roads in just 2 or 3 strides. This guy is a joke, and he makes all of us who try to prove that there really is an undocumented great ape species in North America, look like jokes.

    Justin Horn