Friday, November 12, 2010

The Rock Apes of Vietnam

Loren Coleman has a very interesting post over on the Cryptomundo website. The post is about the "Rock Apes" of Vietnam. It is very interesting. You can check out the post here. Make sure and read all the comments at the bottom of the post as they are every bit as intriguing as the article.

I would like to hear the thoughts of any Vietnam Vets regarding the possible existence of the "Rock Apes" of the Vietnamese jungles. Anyone have any experiences with these creatures? Do you think they are just a myth?

Let me know what you think.


  1. I was in Vietnam 1967 68 Near a firebase called the Rock pile One night we heard what we believed to be invaders coming through the minefield. a marine next to me said that they were rock apes he then threw a rock in the direction of the intruders only to have it thrown back he again threw it back this time the rock got bigger and every time he threw the rock got bigger until it was almost bowling ball size quite the game. Due to darkness we could not tell how many "apes" were there but later that night one managed to step on a mine. all accounts I have read as far as ape/humanistic look agrees with what I personally saw It is not a myth.