Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How To Get Yourself Eaten By A Bear

Pulled straight from the "What not to do" file...

See the video below for some of the most idiotic behavior you will ever see. I have no doubt that we will one day be reading about how this woman was mauled, partially devoured, and excreted by a black bear. Check the video below for some of the most asinine behavior ever recorded.

While there is a bit of truth in what this lady says regarding bluff charges and the general timidity of black bears one should NEVER push their luck like this. This woman's behavior is just beyond belief.

There really isn't much more to say...


  1. Okay, well A)She's in Jersey and they aren't known for their infinite wisdom. B)Based on the candidates she supported, you can gather that she's one of the foolish hippie types who thinks she's at "one" with nature... until it eats her and C) I find it equally disturbing that the bear is not more threatened by her presence, which tells me people up there are probably feeding them and getting them used to human contact......

    Pffff! Yankees. lol ;op

  2. Reminds me of the saying that wolves haven't killed anyone in North America. They have attacked people.

  3. Samuel Evan Ives is proof that what she believes isn't always the rule. Black bears (males) have been known to hunt, kill, and eat humans during breeding season - as rare an occurance as that may be it is statistically large enough to be documented.

  4. Hello People, I live in Eastern Oregon at the foot of the Cascade Mountains and out here this nutty lady would'nt live very long, pushing a blackie like that. Young bears are the most Dangerous as they have had little to no contact with humans yet,So they don't fear you. So half the time the charge is not a bluff. All I can say about this very ill person is, one day all they will find of her is her bloody camera. Chuck