Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The NAWAC Releases the Ouachita Project Monograph

The mission of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy is to facilitate official recognition and conservation of what it believes is a rare unlisted North American anthropoid species. Pursuant to those objectives, the organization has focused its time and resources in the Ouachita Mountain Ecoregion, dispatching teams to conduct prolonged searches and document all pertinent observations in a location with a history of reported sightings of large ape-like creatures.

The investigations, conducted over the course of four years, ranged from sixty to one hundred twenty days in duration, and produced experiences, evidence, and information thought to be significant, though not definitive to the point of validating the existence of a native North American anthropoid species. Some of the more notable thoughts and impressions recorded by scores of NAWAC team members are described and discussed in the Ouachita Project monograph.

If you entertain the possibility that the North American wood ape might exist, then this is something you are going to want to read. Visit the NAWAC website to download your copy and gain access to more than a dozen of the most intriguing audio clips recorded by the NAWAC in the place we call X.


  1. I read all 229 pages. One thing I thought would have added to the reading experience would be a rough diagram on where the buildings, tents, and creeks were in relation to each other. I never figured out what RV stood for. And I was not convinced with the sighting of the four infant apes following each other in the dry creek bed. It just doesn't seem logical that a mother would allow her "kids" to be out running around so close to humans. Other than that I thought it was an excellent report.

    Gary, Conroe

  2. I can see how diagrams would be helpful. As to a momma letting her young so close to humans, I don't think most folks can appreciate how remote and (nearly) inacessible this area is. That's part of what makes it such a great study area.