Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Texas Cryptid Hunter Site Turns Two

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the Texas Cryptid Hunter site. It is hard for me to believe that two years have passed since I started writing the blog. It is just one more reminder of how quickly time slips by all of us. I continue to enjoy the blog and the freedom it gives me to express my thoughts on various cryptozoological topics. It started on, more or less, a whim. I knew there was great interest among the general public about bigfoot and other crypids even if that interest was not openly discussed. I hoped to fill a niche by providing news on such topics as well as level-headed analysis of evidence and reports. I hope that is what this blog provides.

The site has experienced quite a bit of growth for which I am very grateful. At this time last year three people had signed up as followers of the blog. The number has fluctuated a bit over the last year but the blog is now followed by nine people. I was up to eleven followers at one point but a couple have disappeared. Despite the relatively low number of official followers a lot more people seem to have found and are reading the blog regularly. Overall readership has really jumped as illustrated by the numbers below as of this writing:

2008-2009 Totals
Total visits: 9,962
Avg. Per Day: 61
Avg. Visit Length: 2:31
Total Page Views: 18,845

2008-2010 Totals
Total visits: 54,024
Avg. Per Day: 277
Avg. Visit Length: 1:08
Total Page Views: 90,218

As you can see the growth has been substantial. The one negative is that the average visit length has dropped. This, I'm told, is to be expected to some degree with more people finding the site by accident as the result of searches on various topics. It is exciting and humbling to see the growth. I even had my first hoaxer attempt to trick me with some bogus photos. I guess that is a sign I've made it when I have my very own hoaxer.

In the past year I've added a Texas Cryptid Hunter Facebook page. At the time of this writing, the page had 139 people who "liked" it and check it out on a regular basis. I will continue to post updates there as well as photo albums from some of my outings.

So, thanks to all of you who stop by from time to time. I hope you will continue to do so. Please feel free to leave comments about the posts or email me with anything that is on your mind. I always enjoy hearing from readers.

My best...

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  1. Congratulations. Keep up the work on this first-rate blog.

    The decrease in visit length may just be due to people clicking in to see if there are new posts.