Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alabama Man Attacked By (Black?) Panther - Addendum

The more I look at this the more something just doesn't feel right. I'm having a hard time figuring how two such different accounts could be circulating regarding what type of cat was involved in this incident.

Where did the claim of a black panther come from? I've seen it in print but all the actual video I've seen of Frank Harmes giving his account refer to a tawny Florida panther. The print articles infer that Harmes said he saw a black panther but I notice he is not directly quoted as saying this.

Watching that video where Mr. Harmes shows the holes the big cat's claws allegedly made in his pants leg makes me a bit uneasy as well. Do the holes seem just a bit too perfect to anyone else?

I hope I'm off base here and it is only my gut feeling but something feels fishy about this one.

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