Thursday, February 5, 2009

MonsterQuest Yeti Expedition Update

There is an update on the Cryptomundo website about the MonsterQuest backed expedition to find evidence of the yeti in Nepal. You can access the article here.

Apparently, things got more than a little scary and tough over there. According to the article, the hiking turned out to be even more difficult than anticipated and at least one crew member nearly fell to his death. Adam Davies, team member and author of Extreme Adventures, may have made the understatement of the year when he said, "The Himalayas in winter are not to be taken lightly." The MonsterQuest episode featuring this expedition will be airing soon. I'll post the date once it is announced.

I've never been to the Himalayas but can personally attest to the dangers that await anyone who seriously pursues the sasquatch in these United States. The areas I frequent here in the south vary from mosquito, gator, hog, and snake infested swamps to mountainous and rocky cougar, black bear, and rattlesnake territory (as you may have noticed the snakes are pretty much a constant in my part of the world). I've also been to Washington state looking for these animals. The mountainous terrain, bears, and big cats, not to mention harsh winters, make that area no picnic either. My hat is off to these guys, and other serious field researchers, who brave these hazards again and again trying to document this amazing and elusive animal.

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