Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Personal Update

I thought I would take a moment to update everyone on my activities, or lack thereof, of late.

I have not posted much on the blog the past month or so. This is due mainly to the fact that I am a football coach in the state of Texas. Those of you from the Lone Star State know that the game is taken very seriously in these parts and it has taken up the bulk of my time. I learned a long time ago that there are two things every man thinks he can do better than any other man. One of those things is coach football. The other? Well, if you think about it long enough, I’m sure you will figure it out. The season is winding down now and I anticipate having more time to devote to the blog and my TCH-related activities very soon.

I think I have done a pretty good job of posting interesting links and photos on the Facebook and Twitter pages. If you are not following those sites, I would invite you to do so. Links to both can be found in the right hand margin of this page. The Facebook page stays pretty true to the mission of the blog in that it is devoted entirely to the natural world (part of which is, in my opinion, is cryptozoological-related topics like wood apes, black panthers, etc.). I branch out a bit on the Twitter page and, for better or worse, you get a little better sense of my personality there.

Some good news is that my two Reconyx game cameras have been repaired and are now back in my hands. This now gives me three relatively high-end game cameras with which I can conduct research and wildlife censuses. My other camera is a relatively new Cuddeback, which is currently deployed in Ellis County. I am particularly interested in trying to obtain photographic evidence that would support the existence of what most would refer to as black panthers. If you, or someone you know, have property on which these mysterious cats have been seen and you would be willing to allow me to deploy a game camera or two on a long term basis, please contact me via email at Texascryptidhunter@yahoo.com.

Another thing I look forward to doing more of in the near future is speak to schools or groups on behalf of the NAWAC on the wood ape phenomenon or regarding my personal pursuits of other out of place or undocumented species like the black panthers of Texas. If you would be interested in having me, or another NAWAC member, speak to your group or class, contact me at the email above.

I will leave it there for now. I have another black panther post in the works and will be getting down to what I think will be a very interesting piece on the possibility that red wolves, long thought extirpated from Texas, still exist in small pockets in the Lone Star State.

More soon…

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