Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Readers Report Black Panther Sightings

Below is the latest batch of black panther sightings reported to me by readers. As always, I can't verify the veracity of each claim but I present them here as anecdotal evidence that something is out there matching the description of what are commonly called black panthers.

Most of the reports continue to come in the form of comments to posts about the subject. I would remind those who want to make a report, or discuss anything with me, that I am unable to reply to a comment. If you are wanting me to reply directly to you, which I will be glad to do, you will need to send me an email. The address is I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Now, on to the latest reports.

From: Grimes County, Texas
Date Submitted: January 12, 2012

"I saw a large black cat within 20 yards of my car sitting in the middle of our dirt road in Grimes County the day before Thanksgiving. Yesterday a large deer was hung in our fence. We cut her out but she had a badly broken leg and we had to shoot her. Went back this afternoon to drag her off into the woods. Saw hugh cat prints and found her about 25 yards away........ only bones left....... Weird. Should we contact the Parks and Wildlife Dept?"

- Anonymous

From: Cass County, Texas
Date Submitted: January 19, 2012

"Back in late November 2011 I was able to get a picture of the head of a black panther on my game camera.This animal has been hanging around here for several years. We live in the Cass County area just southeast of Atlanta,Texas. Everyone I have shown the picture to says it is a black panther,You be the judge."

- Kathy Holcomb

From: Quitman, Texas
Date Submitted: February 10, 2012

"Outside Quitman Texas, Have seen Paw prints and steaming feces in a pine thicket in a moist sand spot in a gas line right away and feces were on top of the track.Dogs and cats have vanished and found a colt head in woods covered by leaves and dirt. Ask cousin if anybody had lost a colt lately he said no.They have seen black cats on several occasions and I found a tree stripped of bark ,it wasn't done by a deer in rut.Had a strange experience in that area on deer hunt about 8:30 in morning.Slight southerly breeze. Something came over hill and down the gully where a tree had fallen on the fence.I was sitting in a tree over looking a sandy about 50 yards away road crossing and never got to see it.Every bird type in area was concentrated in this area following what ever it was. It was so loud you could not hear and they weren't afraid of me as they landed all around me and on my gun barrel. Looked for tracks on road but found none,checked creek crossing found smudges going up bank."

- Anonymous

From: Liberty County, Texas
Date Submitted: April 18, 2012

"My wife has seen a black panther twice in our back yard in liberty county, TX."

- Anonymous

From: Pittsburgh, Texas
Date Submitted: April 20, 2012

"Starting late last year a good friend of mine has been seeing a large brown cat with long tail on his property in Pittsburgh, TX. Just a couple of months ago mid february their 110 lb. black lab\rotty mix (a real homebody layabout) disappeared. They fear he was killed by the cat, and have since spotted the animal 2 more times."

- Anonymous

From: Fort Worth, Texas
Date Submitted: April 26, 2012

"Me and my wife have lived on the outer most western suburb of Fort Worth, Tx and a couple of years ago we had about three sightings of a mountain lion sized black cat. Any thoughts?"

- Anonymous

As always, my thanks go out to those who have sent in reports. Again, if you would like to discuss what you saw or even have me come out and take a look around the sighting location and/or possibly put up some cameras send me an email.

Kathy Holcomb, if you are out there reading this I would love to see that picture you mentioned in your comment. You can email it to me at the address mentioned above. I have a lot of friends who are wildlife biologists who would like nothing better than to prove black panthers exist. I won't post the photo without your permission.

Keep the reports coming folks. Sooner or later we are going to get one of these cryptid cats on video or a photo.


  1. We live just north of Lindale Texas and noticed that our neighbors chickens, geese and ducks have all vanished. Another neighbor said her three small dogs ended up missing just the other day. She found one of her dogs collars in her yard with blood drips by it. She also saw large cat/dog like paws by the back fence where her dogs blood was. Do black cats normally hunt at night? What would you do if you saw one in the woods. Will they attack small kids becasue I have three? One neighbor also said she saw a black cat with 4 cubs in this same area about 5 years ago.

  2. Sighted a black panther at Brazos bend State Park in Houston. It was off the trail near horse shoe lake. We walked almost more than a mile to get a glimpse of the alligators but fortunately we spotted the predator. It did growl at us, we took it as its warning sign of entering its territory. Sighted at around 6:30PM on 09/02/2012. Sure the footprints would be there as it was muddy.

  3. ighted a black panther at Brazos bend State Park in Houston. It was off the trail near horse shoe lake. We walked almost more than a mile to get a glimpse of the alligators but fortunately we spotted the predator. It did growl at us, we took it as its warning sign of entering its territory. Sighted at around 6:30PM on 09/02/2012. Sure the footprints would be there as it was muddy.

  4. We live in fort worth, Texas. My daughter was walking with her dog ay lake Como and decided to go down the side of a water drain that lead down to a creek on the other side of lake Como . She heard what she described as a woman screaming and then hear a baby cry. She thought someone had a baby. As she followed the sound. Her dog stopped and looked terrified so my dog was looking around to see what it was. She noticed a long thick tail and then saw a big long black panther sleeping. It was bigger than her dog who is over 80lbs she and the dog quickly and quietly ran back up the water drain into the street while people in their cars watched. She reported it to the fort worth PD and Animal Patrol

    1. Hey I was there when that was happening. Two land surveyors were there working . They was watching and listening to U calling in the report. They packed their gear up & said forget that & left. I was fishing & saw U and Ur dog run out of there. Me & my sister couldn't help but wonder what U saw. So , we crossed the street to the drain closed off dam trekked down there. We heard a hurling woman screaming so we went deeper into the woods & followed the stream. We saw a huge black panther screaming to what looked like two teenage hikers. When they saw us to they started screaming & running. We panicked & turned & ran back . We reached the top of hill in hopes to talk to the teens but they ran past us got in their truck & left us standing there. I looked back didn't see anything just heard what sounded like a baby crying. We called the ftw PD & they said they checked it out it was just a big house cat. Which was a lie. We never saw any cop or animal contr come. But strangely the next day was a sign posted from city of fort worth stating that was Not part of como lake & closed to public use.

  5. I live in McLeod tx. I've heard these things for years and seen two. One while trail riding Ole Dan knew exactly what it was. All I could do was hang on as we went to the barn. There here. They exist. Call them what you want its a panther around here.

  6. My Grandmother lives in Domino Tx one woke up the community last November around 4:30 one morning screaming

  7. I Live in Eustace,Tx. about 18 years ago I was walking from my sisters house next door to my house about 3 am and out if the corner of my eye say what I thought at first was a large house cat. Turned instinctively to look and realized is was bigger then a normal cat. And then the mom steped off the grass onto the white rocked part of the road. She had been there the whole time and I never saw her till she got on the road. She was only about 10 feet away. I was scared to death I continued to walk sideways to my house,keeping my eyes on her and not turning my back to her. All she did was follow me. I assume just to make sure I was not a threat to what I now know was her cub. She was so gracful had I not been so scared I would have been in awe. I Contacted everyone I could and finally found a tracker. He said she was a black jaguar,and had been interbreed because her first two claws did not retract and she had a cub. There was also a mountain lion that had made a den about 150 ft from my back door. Our area is heavily wooded. We spot her or her cub just for a secound every few years. only heard one once last year for a few seconds and have never seen the mountain lion yet. They said she travels about a twenty mile radius and when food depleted she goes to the next area and returns every few years. She only takes down small animals, chickens, turkeys,goats and maybe cats. Small price to pay for such a beautiful creature. In my opinion.

  8. When I get one i'll post a picture... One has attacked 3 cows and killed a calf... I had seen the cat before and see its tracks and scat.... I am hunting it. I won't confuse anyone by saying that there may be three of them, ok.