Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Important Reminder

*ANNOUNCEMENT/REMINDER* - Just a reminder that posting, emailing or tweeting me photos is granting me permission to publish them in any one of multiple formats (Facebook, Twitter, Book, Magazine, etc.). Proper photo credit will be given whenever possible. If you wish to share a photo with me but do not want it published, state that and I will certainly honor your request.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. In 1991 at about 2a.m. at Fouke,Tx. a small community near Lake Hawkins I saw a very quick glimpse, not more than a shadow of something big crossing the road in front of me. As my eyes became focused there were 3 baby black panthers marching in lock step into the brush. These were young cats as their tails were not fully developed, but the tails were fat and probably 3-4 inches long. The cats themselves were probably only a little less than a foot. These were not feral nor wild cats. The cats looked just like the pictures of baby black panthers on Google. My elders that hunted and fished in the Sabine and Lake Fork bottoms back in the 40's till this day had told me about the elusive big cats that screamed like a woman at night and I actually heard the scream myself as a boy in the 60's. These cats are real, I know what I saw. If Florida has black panthers why can't Texas?