Monday, July 9, 2012

More on the Rock Apes of Vietnam

I received the following email today from a reader named Carol in response to a post I did a while back on the “Rock Apes” of Vietnam. Carol writes:

“My husband was a Marine in Vietnam in the late 60s. He told me about the rock apes – they would throw rocks at the apes, and the apes would throw them back. Sometimes they would make the game a little more dangerous and throw grenades at the apes. They were possibly some type of macaque, he didn’t know. But they really do exist.”

Carol XXXX

First of all, thank you , Carol, for taking the time to email me about this. I would like to say again that I would really like to hear from anyone who has had an experience with these animals.

Coincidentally, the SyFy Channel is airing the season premier of Destination Truth tomorrow night (check local listings for time). The focus of the episode will be on the search for the Vietnam bigfoot. Check out a trailer for the episode here.

Looks pretty intense.


  1. Mike,
    these guys were real.I hope enough survived to repopulate. I was in the central highlands in Vietnam as an advisor.The montagnards had caught two Rock apes and had them in a cage. We took these guys back to the base where they were on display near the air field at Pleiku .They were about 3 feet in height,had chimp and baboon features.Strong body,longer facial features ,fangs similar to a baboon. Good luck

  2. I forgot to mention that these were young.Not adult.Hair was coarse ,not thick.Hair was pecan colored with flecks of red. Very hard to remember all details after 44 years.

  3. In West Virginia, I got to talk to a veteran who encountered a Wood Ape. It threw rocks and sticks through the jungle at him, and freaked his patrol dog out. I've emailed him asking to share the encounter in my blog, and he said he will write soon. Can't wait.

  4. I meant that he encountered a Rock Ape, not wood ape.