Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fourth Camera Trap Deployed

I just returned from deploying a game camera in a remote spot forty minutes or so West of my home. I now have four cameras out in the field in an attempt to document big cats here in Central Texas.

Things got off to a poor start today as one of the two cameras I had left to deploy would not work. So, instead of having five cameras out in the field it looks like I will only have four. I will not be able to expand the project beyond these four cameras for the time being.

I am not as pleased with the location of this camera as I am with the spots I found for the first three. The general area is a bit farther from a water source than the other three and more of a prairie than anything else. The area is dotted with stands of oak, mesquite, and cedar trees. This in and of itself isn't really a problem. I just couldn't find that perfect spot. When the area looked right I couldn't find a suitable tree. I hiked the general area for several hours and just never found a location I was crazy about. There are obviously some things to look for when choosing a spot for a game camera but there is also an intangible "something" that is hard to define. You just know the perfect spot when you see it. I never saw that spot today. I came close to not deploying the camera at all but figured I still had a chance of getting a good picture at this location. One thing I do know is that my chances of getting a good shot with the camera back in my closet at home are nil. I will give this location a month. If nothing promising develops I will pull the camera and relocate it.

I will post some pictures of the general area where this fourth camera is located in the next day or so. Honestly, I am just too tired to do it right now.

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