Tuesday, August 18, 2009

East Texast Field Report

I thought I would pass along some photos from my latest trip to East Texas two weeks ago. I checked out two different alleged sasquatch sightings. I felt one report was likely valid and one was not. You can read about the sighting I felt good about here.

I did a lot of hiking in the general area where the alleged sighting occurred. I did come across what I will describe only as a possible print on a game trail that crossed a forest service road a mile or so off the highway. This forest service road was in pretty good shape but gated so no vehicles could access it. I don't know if it is kept gated all the time or not. This possible track was old and what would be the heel area had washed out a bit. I hesitate to mention it at all since I'm not 100% sure about it. The first two pictures below show this possible track. As is usually the case with these things, the picture doesn't really do justice to what I was able to see with my own eyes. I present it only as a "maybe" and will leave it at that.

The photos below just show some of the areas I checked out while on this trip. As you will see, this is a really beautiful part of the state.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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