Monday, July 26, 2010

More Strangeness in SE Texas

Just in case you needed any more convincing that some very strange goings on occur in the woods of east Texas...

You may recall that last week I and two other TBRC members spent Monday-Wednesday in the field near the location where possible sasquatch tracks were located last spring. While nothing of significance occurred as far as our search for that ever-elusive North American ape, we did have several odd experiences. You will remember that we spotted what appeared to be a feral donkey strolling across a remote forest road and had a late night "visitor", a bright shining light, approach our camp between 1:00-1:30am one night. It seems the weirdness continued after we left.

A second team of TBRC members arrived in the area on Thursday 7/22. They spent their first day and night in an area about 30 miles east of our last location. They did some night hiking and call blasting but did not hear or see anything interesting. The second day and night they moved to the area where we had camped earlier in the week. They scouted the area and walked creek beds looking for sign but had no luck. So, like us several days before, nothing sasquatch related was seen, heard, or found. That isn't to say nothing of interest was observed.

While leaving their camp the second day they ran into a familiar face. It seems they bumped into the same feral donkey we ran into earlier. They managed to snap a couple of photos of the donkey thus confirming our sighting from several days before. Not the unusual animal we had hoped to concretely document but you take what you can get, I suppose.

The strangest thing the team ran across; however, was a severed dog head (photo below). Just the head. No body was found. Initially, the team was excited as the head looked ape-like upon first glance. They were disappointed, and more than a bit disturbed, once they realized the severed head was of canine origin. Again, no body was to be found. What happened here? Who or what did this? Why? More questions without answers from the wilderness of the Lone Star State.

What is going on out there?

*Photos courtesy of TBRC member Jerry Hestand


  1. You should come to lampasas,texas we have a whole lot of weird thingd happening here.

  2. Mariela..would it be possible for you to give a couple examples of the "weird" things that you are experiencing? Thanks, Donna