Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thank You

I just wanted to post a brief note of appreciation to those of you who continue to visit this blog. February was the most successful month ever for the Texas Cryptid Hunter site. 10,643 people visited the site and read 16,118 pages last month.I find this particularly impressive since February has only 28 days. Compare this to the numbers from March 2010 where 1,461 people stopped by and read 2,716 pages.

The growth in readership has been astounding to me. I know the numbers above pale in comparison to some other sites out there but that is ok. Honestly, when I started this site I wasn't sure anyone would find it or read it at all. One thing I did want to make sure of was that whatever popularity the site attained would based on its own merits. I have not done much in the way of self-promotion. The growth that has taken place has occurred almost exclusively through the cyberspace version of "word of mouth." I think that is the best way.

I think another reason the site has done well is that I post about a lot of different subjects. I really don't think of the site as a cryptozoological blog as much as I think of it as the blog of an amateur naturalist. I am certainly fascinated by cryptid matters but am also interested in all wildlife and ecological issues. I like the fact that one day I might write about the sasquatch and the next post could be about alligator gar, white-tailed deer, or feral hogs. I think the fact that I have a wide range of interests helps the site appeal to a broader base than the typical "bigfoot site" does.

Speaking of bigfoot, I have a new post almost ready. It concerns a photo I took back in August of 2005. I should have it up, if not today, in the next day or so.

So, again, thanks for stopping by from time to time. I hope you will continue to enjoy the site and recommend it to others. I would also appreciate any who would care to become followers of the site or "like" it on Facebook. As always, comments and emails are always welcome. Disagreeing is ok. I ask only that you keep it civil. I do try to answer all my emails but understand that the volume has increased greatly over the last year and I may not be as quick to reply as I used to be (darned day job...).

My best…

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