Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Camera Trap Footage

Here is a great video showing two chimpanzees who discover a game camera.

I found this link on the Camera Trap Codger's site. There are no details on where this took place or exactly what the camera set up was. From the look of it, the camera was hidden in a hollow tree. As you will see, it wasn't hidden well enough. Take a look at the video below.

I thought it was interesting that the two chimps were carrying sticks as they were going about their business in the jungle. The pair were carrying the sticks in their mouths as they knuckle walked along the trail. Upon discovering the camera, the chimps make an up close inspection by peeking into the hollow of the tree. Before touching the camera with their hands the chimps "test the waters" by poking at the camera with their sticks.

Can you imagine getting video of a sasquatch that is this clear and definitive? This is what the TBRC, and other organizations who have implemented camera trapping projects, are hoping to capture. Many feel that only a body will be enough to convince mainstream science of the existence of the sasquatch. I understand where they are coming from but disagree. Close-up clear video/photos should do the trick. It will take something on par with this video of the two chimpanzees to convince everyone but I think it can be done.

I hope it happens soon.


  1. Interesting that on-line Chinese/English translators interpret "sasquatch" as "savage."