Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Great North Mystery Figure Revealed

It looks like the mysterious figure seen "stalking" caribou in the documentary The Great North is not a sasquatch after all.

I came across a post on the BFRO website which seems to show very clearly that the figure in the video is a human. A gentleman named Wally Hersom obtained a Blu-Ray copy of the documentary and watched it on a very large high definition television. Mr. Hersom was able to zoom in and slow down the footage considerably. The results were startlingly clear. You can view the hi-def, zoomed in, and slowed down clip below.

The figure is clearly a human wearing dark/camouflage clothing. It appears he is wearing a backpack of some kind. This backpack helped give the human, which I assume to be a member of the video crew, a thicker and bulkier appearance when viewed at a lower resolution. The result is disappointing to be sure. I applaud the efforts of Mr. Hersom to get to the truth of just what was seen in this footage.

While it is a bit of a let down to see the figure in The Great North footage is a human, I feel we can take some valuable things from the whole incident. It seems obvious that video technology has advanced to the point where fraudulent footage is going to be more easily debunked. The market place has been flooded with hi-def digital camcorders. Even these small and affordable units produce wonderfully clear images. The ability to expose hoaxes is only part of the equation, however. If, and when, footage of an actual sasquatch is obtained it should be much easier to rule out a hoax of some sort due to the high resolution of the images. I believe it is only a matter of time until this scenario plays out.

So, I choose to take heart from this whole incident. We don't have to wonder for years if that was or was not a sasquatch seen in The Great North footage. There will be no wondering what would have happened if only the videographer had realized what was in his shot and zoomed in on the figure. This is good. After all, it is the truth we are after. Now we know what that truth is regarding this footage and can all move on.

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