Friday, July 5, 2013

Black Panther Allegedly Photographed in Louisiana

The photo below was sent to television news reporter Hope Ford of KLFY. The picture was allegedly snapped in Iberia Parrish, Louisiana by a woman living near Broussard. The lady claims that the big cat was slinking through her backyard and claims several locals have spotted it as well.

It seems the photo is genuine as the witness has been interviewed by Ford.

I can’t say for sure what this animal is (mountain lion, jaguar, leopard, et al.) but I feel strongly that this is no house cat. This is the most compelling photo of a large black cat that I have seen. While I have to show a little restraint, as there is nothing in the photo to provide scale, the cat’s length, along with other anatomical features, do not look like those of a domestic/feral cat to me.

I’ll attempt to stay on top of this story. You can also check the KLFY website for potential updates.


  1. Where is the link to this story? I can't find it on KLFY. Nothing is showing up in searches. This photo looks old.

  2. The copy of the photo I had access to is likely a still from the news piece that was televised. It would explain the hazy glow. See the post above this one for a link to the KLFY story. It should dispel the notion that the photo is old. The report features interviews and at least two other photos of the mystery cat.

  3. I think that would have to be one of the smaller big cats I have ever seen, unless the brush and cut grass is just abnormally tall.

  4. Spotted one similar on the Natchez Trace close to Carthage, Mississippi