Thursday, April 11, 2013

Texas Bigfoot Conference Videos Available For Viewing

The NAWAC is pleased to be able to bring to you the following video presentations from the 2013 Texas Bigfoot Conference.

First up, Brian Brown, NAWAC member and producer of The Bigfoot Show podcast, gave conference attendees a taste of the data and experiences the NAWAC collected during last year's Operation Persistence with "In the Valley of the Wood Ape."

Next, we have been granted special permission by Bill Munns to make available his presentation, "The Patterson Gimlin Hominid: Extraordinary costume or extraordinary reality?"

Finally, at the end of the conference, NAWAC member and Texas Cryptid Hunter blogger Mike Mayes moderated a panel discussion of all presenters based on questions submitted by audience members.

I would invite all of you to view these video presentations. If, however, you can only view one, I suggest strongly you watch the video of Bill Munns' presentation. NAWAC Chairman Alton Higgins had the following to way about it, "All three videos are good, but the Bill Munns presentation is really terrific, the result of years of research by a man with decades of experience as a Hollywood makeup artist. He talks about the famous 1967 film of a bigfoot that we've all seen and presents compelling reasons for its authenticity. Nothing else like it on the Internet."

Videos can be viewed here.

Take a look and let me know what you think about these presentations.

My best...

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