Monday, February 18, 2013

A Suburban Bobcat

Think bobcats haven't adjusted to living in close proximity to people? Think again. Here is a photo submitted by a reader that comes from Carrollton, Texas (just north of Dallas). This is a pretty big boy...

Bobcats were slower to adjust to urban sprawl than coyotes but seem to be doing fine now. Is it possible larger cats are figuring out how to live near, and even in, cities?


  1. I don't know about cities, but the big cat I wrote to you about previously is still around...near civilization. One of the horses has 2 punctures in his cheek, possibly much lower, falling off the jaw, the other lower tooth may have missed. He also has 2 long vertical scratches on the opposite cheek where a paw appears to have wrapped around. In addition to this, he also has a small but deep wound on his neck. I do believe a big cat did this. South of Waxahachie, TX. Amanda

  2. I'm in northcentral WI and in the country. My Dad always said that animals will adapt rather than move out because it was originally their domain for centuries. We have a pair of them right in my back yard, 2 miles out of our small town. I have many photos of them on my trail cameras. My fear?is that little kids will become dinner of them someday...not a comforting thought. Your suburbanite makes me quite nervous and also the Waxahachie sighting and proof of one looking for a meal.
    Scary stuff.

  3. Bobcats have been in Dallas forever. Literally throughout all of our 40-some odd suburbs. It's my job to handle wildlife conflicts in Dallas. This is Texas, and DFW has so many urbanized species. Bobcats are not remotely uncommon here despite some ignorant, hysterical person dramatizing on the internet weekly. Now the cougars are on the far outskirts but are unproven. Hopefully the ranchers will get pics soon now that we all carry smart phones. I spoken to three people that are reliable witnesses (veterinarian, big cat sanctuary employee, not just BillyBob with a fish tale), and there have been some clear unmistaken sightings on the far North edge of the metroplex, but these were all 10-15 years ago. I get calls all the time about "cougars" which are actually the 30 pound kind with bobtails. Now that the deer and feral hogs are moving into our suburbs, the really big cats might follow.