Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vietnam Vet Recalls Encounter with "Rock Apes"

I received a very interesting response to a post I made back in November of 2010 called “The Rock Apes of Vietnam.” There really wasn’t much to the post at all as it was more of a recommendation to read an article by Loren Coleman over at Cryptomundo.

The response was in the form of a comment to the original post. Below is the comment:

“I was in Vietnam 1967-68 near a firebase called the Rock pile. One night we heard what we believed to be invaders coming through the minefield. A marine next to me said that they were rock apes and he then threw a rock in the direction of the intruders only to have it thrown back. He again threw it back but this time the rock got bigger and every time he threw the rock got bigger until it was almost bowling ball size. Quite the game. Due to darkness, we could not tell how many "apes" were there but later that night one managed to step on a mine. All accounts I have read as far as ape/humanistic look agrees with what I personally saw. It is not a myth.”

I shared this report with some of my fellow TBRC members. One of them shared the story below:

“A friend-of-a-friend of mine, XXXXX, is a Green Beret Nam-vet and claims to have had a near violent encounter with one of these rock apes. It occurred inside a hanger late one night and it climbed up onto a loft where he was sleeping. XXX was later a founding member of the remote viewing units in the late '70's. Kind of an interesting character, really. But he is deadly serious about his encounter in Vietnam.....”

If there are other Vietnam vets out there who have had experiences with these rock apes I would really like to hear about it. You can send me an email at Texascryptidhunter@yahoo.com or just leave a comment to this post.


  1. Well ,yes most new about the Rock Apes in Nam, but they also exist in thailand, even the
    Soloman Islands,,They are an Ancient race of,
    Being's,they are Intelligent and can live off
    of most anything,and live just about Everywhere
    They live in the Place's Really hard, for Man, to go, but they meet by chance at time,s.

  2. My parents were born in Laos. In the early 50's, people of their village claim to have seen these hairy creatures. They called it, Hea-Mien aka Wild Man in our native language (Iu-Mien). My friend's mother said she witnessed the creature when she was 10 yrs old with her older sister in the jungle of Laos during the 1960's. I also have heard of other bizarre stories of other creatures and vortex holes in the jungles of Southeast Asia during the 1950's told by villagers.

  3. Carrie GillespieJuly 11, 2012 at 3:04 PM

    My dad, Larry Gobble, was a door gunner in Vietnam in 1969. He has shared many stories with me about these mysterious ape-like creatures. I happened across this blog while in search of some logical answer to what these creatures really were. My dad is, without a doubt, the most logical, sound minded people I know. He described these creatures as ape-like creatures that walked upright, with reddish brown hair and looking nothing like any creature he had ever seen. He viewed these creatures from the door of a chopper. He said he looked into their eyes and was sure that if given a chance they wouldn't hesitate to harm you. I am fascinated by this story.Knowing my dad and his integrity, makes me certain that these creatures existed and were, in fact, quite real.

  4. Carrie,your grandfather lived across the street from me in Dorchester,il.My name is Danny McCosky,i'm sure your dad knows me.I had an encounter with a bigfoot in 2004.It is the BFRO Report # 8716 .I believe your Grandfathers name is Art,and Tony was your Grandmothers name.It's a small world.

  5. My father was in Vietnam from 1966 -1969 and actually got attacked by a rock-ape which didn't end up good for the ape after he caught rounds from my dad's M14 rifle. He told me stories that he witnessed where these apes beat the snot out of troops over there and hurt them real bad.

  6. I spent my whole tour in the bush in Vietnam. Have seen them both alive and dead. Only thing I can say I never seen them attack anyone. Had to kill one coming into lines one night. Never thought much about them other then they were apes. Yes, they did walk upright. About four and half to five tall. Saw them mostly around the Rock Pile. Heard a lot of different story about them in Nam. Like the throwing of rocks but never seen that myself. In my unit I would say that over 3/4 of the guys have seen them. As much as us Marines smell they guy were worse.

    1. Rock apes are the real thing. I saw a band of them up on "Carlie Ridge" in Quang Nam Province in the spring of 1970. It was night fall and I saw them through a Starlite scope. 10-15
      of them headed away from us up a steep incline. They weren't VC because they walked as a pack side by side in the jungle and not in a military type line. They all looked to be very broad bodied and up to 5 ft tall.Gary Meir A/1/1..USMC

  7. In 69 I spent my whole tour in the bush (iron triangle) One night in ambush position I had last guard duty before dawn. We were positioned on the outside edge of a treeline. About 15 minutes into my watch I heard loud movement coming from a ways in the trees. As they got closer I determined it to be a troop of monkeys. But as they got closer these were really big monkeys. They started making loud noises like they were yelling and just tearing up the jungle. As the twilight became brighter I could see trees being shook, big trees that no human would be able to shake. I had a starlight scope mounted on my 16 but was never able to get a glimps of what they were. There was so much racket going on I wondered why the noise didn't wake any of the other guys. They kept getting closer, I wondered if they knew we were there (maybe smelt us?) but they were so close I took the safety off the daisy chained claymores and was on the edge of blowing them when all of a sudden they just quit. It was lighter now and I would have been able to see them but they just vanished back into the jungle. It was so quiet it was eerie. One thing for sure, if they got hold of a human I'm sure he would have been shredded. I've always thought about what if they got just a little bit closer how many would I have killed because I was certainly loaded for bear.