Thursday, September 1, 2011

Large Dark-Colored Cat Spotted in NW Fort Worth

Here is the latest report I've received from a reader who claims to have spotted a large dark-colored cat in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

"Big cat spotted tonight in NW Fort Worth at Eagle Mountain lake area, off Boat Club road and Eagle Ranch. Dark brown, size of a Lab. 50-60 yards behind house. Wife and son witnessed it too. Son thought it was a bobcat, but it was too big. Walked near a creek/ pond area."

According to the report, the sighting occurred just hours ago. It is too bad I'm three hours away.


  1. They don't call Ft Worth "Panther City" for nothing!

  2. i actually saw a large black panther or cat of some sort on a ranch near Boyd which is north west of fort worth size of a german shepherd but longer . it was March of 2010 . i was checking natural gas wells when i saw it walking along a creek about 50 yards i was on top of a tank when i saw it.