Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sasquatch on the Tracks?

Below is a recording, posted in video form on YouTube, that seems to indicate that a train engineer has spotted a sasquatch walking on or near the tracks. I don't know much about this other than the event allegedly occurred near Blair, Nebraska. I have no idea if it is a hoax or not. The fact that it was posted on YouTube automatically makes it dubious in my eyes but you never know. If anyone knows anything more about this I would appreciate any additional information.

I have discussed with some of my fellow TBRC members on more than one occasion that I would like to identify and speak to two groups of folks regarding possible bigfoot sightings in East Texas. The first group would be the folks who mow and keep the pipeline right of ways, or senderos, clear of debris. These pipeline cuts run for literally mile after mile through some of the most remote portions of the lone star state. The second group of folks I would like to visit with are the engineers who drive the trains through East Texas. Like the pipeline senderos, the train tracks cut through some pretty isolated and lonesome areas and are often the only clear path through miles of forest.

If anyone out there is employed in either of these vocations I would greatly appreciate your contacting me at the email address to the right.

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