Sunday, October 29, 2017

Panther Photo Publication Notice/Request

Getting ready to send in the final revision of my book on the black panther phenomenon to the publisher. If you have ever sent in a photo and do not want it included please let me know ASAP. On the flip side, if you have sent in a photo and want to make sure you are properly credited let me know that, too.

If you have a picture you think is good enough for publication and would like me to consider it, it is pretty much now or never,


  1. We were shooting hogs last year in Bay City, TX and saw a black cougar eating on a rabbit by a tree. There was a group of 5 of us - we all saw it and watched it for several minutes.

  2. I live in Missouri City, Texas. In Sienna Plantation. The back of sienna backs up to the Brazos river, and between the river and our sports complex is nothing but trees with tons of hogs, Bobcats, coyote and a few mountain lions that come off the Brazos I imagine. (Mostly we have 4-13 ft alligators!)
    there have been just a couple of sightings very early in the morning, right before the sun comes up, of a huge black cat on the far end of the golf course getting a rabbit.

    Also, I worked for an emergency vet in SugarLand, and there was a man who brought in a young wolf that had been grabbed by "his" Panther! The pups head had open gashes on his head from some massive claw!! He said it grabbed it through some bars so couldn't get the wolf In. He apparently had other large cats that he had living in his house! He brought a mountain lion about 5 months old in to be spayed, and the vet did it! It was amazing to actually touch one so close.
    They are beautiful animals!!!
    But she had to turn him in so last I heard he moved all his big cats with him to somewhere near LaGrange! And my family lives in Lagrange and in the past year has caught a glimpse of a huge black cat crossing the railroad tracks behind the house.
    And quite a few big cat footprints around the property. A few dogs have gone missing, possibly a result of the cat?

  3. I believe there are large cats everywhere through Texas. People think they actually have to see them to believe it. I work in a nature park and recently saw a jaguarandi maybe 20 ft in front of my truck. I actually had to stop to let it pass or would have hit it and people think I just made it up. We have large cats it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.