Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Texas Cryptid Hunter site. It has been a great year. I have enjoyed having an outlet to post my thoughts on various cryptozoological topics. My interests in undiscovered animals and weird creatures is not exactly mainstream. Typically, it isn't a topic you can bring up at the company Christmas party or at the office water cooler without being chastised or thought of as a bit, shall we say, "eccentric." The blog site has allowed me to open up and say what I think whenever something of interest pops up. I have enjoyed writing it immensely.

It also seems that I have acquired a few faithful readers. While only three folks have signed up as official "followers" of the site I have noticed, via sitemeter, many of the same IEP addresses showing up almost daily. I really appreciate those who drop by regularly. I would encourage you to sign up as a follower to the site. That way you will be alerted to updates quickly. The statistics for the year are as follows:

Total Visits : 9,962
Avg. Per Day : 61
Avg. Visit Length : 2:31
Total Page Views : 18,845

I have no idea how good these numbers really are but I am pleased to think nearly 10,000 people stopped by, even for a little while, to see what I had to say. I'm sure these numbers pale in comparison to other more established sites but from what I can tell the 2:31 average length of visit is actually a pretty healthy number.

So, thanks to all those who drop by and read my thoughts from time to time. It is appreciated. Now on to year two.

My best...


  1. I subscribe via Bloglines, so not sure if you see the visit stats from that if a reader doesn't click the link to go directly to your site.

  2. I don't know if those stats show up in my sitemeter data or not. In any case, I appreciate your visiting my site.