Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Observed Behaviors of Great Apes

There are a couple of outstanding news items/articles over on the TBRC (Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy) website titled "The Great Ape Behavioral Parallel" and "The Great Ape Behavior Parallel - Part 2". The articles cite behaviors recently observed in orangutans and chimpanzees that have never before been witnessed by scientists. Behaviors such as fishing with spears, whistling, and the hunting, killing, and devouring of wild hogs are discussed. The articles can be accessed at under the "news" section.

The reason these newly observed behaviors of known great apes are relevant is that these things have all been allegedly observed by sasquatch witnesses. These reports were dismissed by the scientific community as ridiculous. Now that these behaviors have been documented by mainstream scientists in known great apes these reports do not seem so far fetched. Check out the articles. They are well worth the time.

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